Bruno’s suits really is the best choice

With over 50 years experience in suit fitting…
The most important factor of your new suit is the fit.
At Bruno’s Suits we aim to fit you perfectly to your body shape and size.


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Why Bruno's suits?

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Using the finest wool and wool/fabric fusions our suits are ideal for the warmer climate and won’t leave you sweating and gasping for air in the Queensland climate.

Our suits breathe and are finely tailored to the finest standard of quality. Our suits not only look the part but feel the part – and truly stand the test of time.

Suits For King

Suits ‘Fitted’ for a king

With over five decades of experience to boast, we offer experience and expertise in suit fitting that is unparalleled almost anywhere you go. The custom tailoring is phenomenal and you won’t find a better fitted suit in any standard department store.

A suit should fit well and feel natural, allowing you to look good and continue to enjoy a smooth flow in your every move.

Competetive Price

Competitive Pricing

Our suits continue to boast pristine quality and competitive pricing. The best part is that you don’t have to compromise on quality. With Bruno’s Suits you truly get the best of both worlds.

You’re of course welcome to compare and consider your options, but we believe you’ll find no better suit. So if it’s true that clothes make the man, then you’ve come to the right place at just the right time!

Meet the team

Bruno Durante


Bruno has been suiting up for over 60 years!! Yes, that’s right 60 years.
Suiting up 1000’s of happy People the world over, most notably Tiger Woods and other countless personalities and importantly people wanting to look amazing for their wedding day.
The right fit is in Brunos’ DNA

Peter Elias


Peter Brings a wealth of experience to Bruno’s Suits having been surrounded by the trade since birth , Peter has an eye for detail for the perfect suit fit .

John Partin


John Partin has been part of the Bruno’s Suits Team for 5 years and his professionalism and experience in the industry has certainly been a real coup for Brunos’ team.
John will have you looking a million dollars without costing you a million dollars.

Nicholas Elias


Nicholas’ Suit fitting know how is some of the best in business and customer service is what he does best. Let Nicholas work his magic on you for next suit..

Tom Pattyn

Tom The Tailor

Tom is a 3rd generation master tailor and hails from Belgium, Tom has knowledge rarely seen in the world let alone Australia. There is nothing Tom can’t do when it comes to tailoring no matter what your body shape.

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