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A New Showroom Arrives And It’s Bigger and Better!

We are pleased to announce that we’ve opened a new showroom right across the road from our old location. It’s bigger and better, and we are very proud to sport some of the finest suits in the area in this exciting new showroom. Only a stone’s throw away from our previous showroom, you’ll be pleased to see wider spaces and new features where all of our best suits will be on display for every occasion. It won’t be hard to find either, since it’s right down the road from our old showroom.

In our new showroom you’ll have access to a wider variety of options as well additional features at our new location. At Bruno’s suits we offer not only some of the finest suits in the area but also some of the most professional services. We offer all of our customers on site professional fitting services, which are backed by over fifty years professional experience. Along with our top quality suits that come in lightweight European Pure Wool as well as “Wool Blends” that breathe, you’ll also find some of the most competitive pricing in the market. We’ve always been famous exceptional quality, the best in service standards, of course our unbelievable savings.

At our new showroom you’ll find that despite our practically cutthroat rates in pricing, we don’t just offer the highest quality in products and services, but are at the top of our game in professionalism. Appearances aren’t everything but they are a big part of any business. We know a little something about keeping up only the finest image, and our suits will prove it and without breaking the bank. Come on down to our new showroom and see what we’re about. You won’t regret the investment in money or time by any means. We invite you to come and see for yourself, and promise only the best in return. So come on over, we’d be glad to have you!

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