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Are you Ready For the Royal Ballet? We Are!

Truly, a special treat, a momentous occasion is coming the very heart of the Queensland here on the Australian continent. Arguably the greatest, unmatched producer of ballet classics the Royal Ballet, one of the best ballet companies on the face of the globe, will be paying a visit to QPAC this year. Starting on the 29th June and ending and ending the 9th of July they will be bringing two stunning shows to the Queensland Performing Arts Center for your enjoyment. Their first visit to the Australian continent in over fifteen years, you won’t want to squander this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While platinum tickets are sold out there are still plenty of seats available. You’ll want to look your best when you attend, as you’ll be in an environment suited for the higher class.


The Royal Ballet will be hosting two stunning performances. First you will be able to enjoy Wayne McGregor’s groundbreaking and award-winning performance of Woolf Works, a stunning ballet based on the novels, letters and writings of Virginia Wolf. You’ll experience tragedy, passion, and of course a reality bending high-tech fantasy that travels through time and alternate universes. A unique experience to say the least, but if you prefer something more classic and tradition you may also consider Christopher Wheeldon’s ballet adaptation of the timeless Shakespearean classic A Winter’s Tale.


Whichever performance you choose to attend (maybe both?) you’ll certainly want to look your sharpest and this won’t be an opportunity you will have again anytime soon. Here at Bruno’s Suits we are dedicated to helping you look your best for the big show that will no doubt be unforgettable event with memories that will last a lifetime. We have some of the finest brands in men’s suits and offer them for less than our competitors so you’ll have plenty of money left to buy a decent seat. Look your best for less and with our top of the line, unparalleled fitting services we’ll make sure it’s ready for the special day. Before you go feel free to enjoy a drink at our professional sit-in bar featured in our new showroom, one of the finest in the area. Before you even head out the door you’ll know you’ve made a great choice.


This ballet is a rare visit and an even rarer opportunity to enjoy something you’ll remember forever. Let us help you look the part and your memory will be free of regrets. We’ll even help you find a special Wedding suit that fits the occasion and is uniquely tailored to you. You have a unique physique and your own personality. Come down to Bruno’s we’ll make sure to help you find a suit that fits perfectly, you can find our contact details on the website: Bruno’s Suits

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Are you Ready For the Royal Ballet? We Are!