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Bruno’s Suits Open’s New Showroom…And Free Parking?

We at Bruno’s Suits have never been shy about showcasing our finest inventory for all of our fine patrons providing them the convenience and of course the top class shopping experience they deserve. Our first showroom in Varsity Lakes is certainly a testament to that. There we offer our patrons a grand showroom with our inventory, which provides the finest suits in term of quality and value, and of course nothing less than top of the line service for fitting, and tending to the needs of our customers. The new showroom we’re opening in Brisbane is no exception to this rule of “only the best for our customers” offering many of the same attractions.

Like the original showroom, our patrons may treat themselves to a cold beer at built-in bar and of course browse to their heart’s content as they search for the right suit for the right occasion, and as always we are here to serve. We also understand the busy man’s schedule and work to provide our busy patron’s with the gift of a swift experience as we seek make their visit more convenient. As part of this we provide free parking, right by the door so you won’t have to trudge across miles of pavement or spend hours searching for a spot on the street. Just drive on over and you’ll get in and out to find the perfect fit and drive away in style.

Just remember our parking is free, but our suits cost money. No worries though, because we also offer savings for those on a tight budget, or simply value a great deal. Our prices start as low as $239. You’ll find that your drive was well worth it especially as you take off with your brand new suit after a first class shopping experience you’ll never forget. You will see we haven’t cut any corners or costs in the breathtaking new showroom any more than we did with the original. We know it was well worth the investment because once you see it for yourself you’ll be coming back for more in no time, and we can’t wait to do business with you!

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