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New Showroom in Brisbane with Unbelievable Prices

For many years now Bruno’s Suits has been all about offering the best in customer service and the highest standards in the suits we carry and distribute to our customers. Most people have a hard time believing that you can have all of that and still find what you’re looking for in affordable prices, especially to the “common men” among us. The truth is, however, at Bruno’s Suits we believe you can have it all and should have it all. And yes that means you can have it all for reasonable prices.

Recently, we’ve opened up a brand new showroom at 9 Long Island Street in Newstead Brisbane, which showcases all that we have to offer. Pay a visit and you’ll be able to feast your eyes on our finest wares in style and luxury.

In addition to great service and featured amenities, like our bar where patron’s may enjoy an icy brew, we have some of the finest suits, and many of them featured name brands. Prices start as low as $239 with custom fitting that comes with excellence in service and employee expertise. Looking good doesn’t have to break the bank. You can pull off the style and still spare the expense, and that’s good for business. The new showroom will provide you the avenue to do just that, and you’ll find that we have spared no expense to show you what we have to offer. We’re willing to make the investment because we know you’ll be pleased to see what we offer and will come back for more.

The new showroom in addition to currently running one in Varsity Lakes, will open in the first week of May. So mark your calendar and be ready for experience of a lifetime and be ready to look good while you get to experience it!

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