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Bruno’s Suits: Two Showrooms, One Standard of Perfection

Recently, Bruno’s suits was proud to announce the opening of a new showroom in Newstead Brisbane. Much like our original showroom in Varsity Lakes it offers a standard of excellence like no other, and the same goes for our suits and the service that comes with them. The showrooms are two different locations but you’ll find they have much in common.

To start they both offer not only an excellent shopping experience but also a few pleasant amenities that offer a break from a busy day of shopping and business. Each showroom offers a bar where patron’s may enjoy an ice cold refreshing beer or two to cool down from our the sweat and toil. Who can say no to that, especially on a hot day under the scorching Australian sun?

Both showrooms also offer a first class shopping experience that comes with only best quality in service. The courteous employees always offer a friend hand and impressive expertise in fitting and in helping our patrons find everything their looking for. Our service is personal and one on one, a custom fit as it should be in any business. The affordable and breathtaking prices are just icing on the cake along with the highest quality product.

Finding the right suit is about looking your best. We believe our showrooms should reflect that by looking their best too, and of course by offering the best in suits and customer service. You won’t believe unless you come down and see for yourself, for as they say, “seeing is believing” Pay a visit for yourself and you’ll find that we refuse to settle for less, and you’ll see why you should consider doing the same. By the time it’s over you’ll be leaving both looking good and feeling good.

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